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Armada Corporate Intelligence has launched a continuous forecasting intelligence tool for durable manufacturing. Subscribe for a 60-day free trial and receive our monthly reports.

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It is important that you have an opportunity to see two consecutive months of content, to understand how forecasts can change as market dynamics change. That’s why a continuous forecasting tool is so important, it keeps you ahead of changes that could affect your business. This 60-day free trial is offered with no obligation and no credit card required. We have an extended free period so that you can see how a continuous outlook can be useful. But, in order to “see behind the paywall”, you will need to register for full member access.

The reports will be delivered via email directly to the address you use to subscribe.

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  • Designed to Give Executives a Competitive Edge for $7/Month

    There has never been a time when the business environment has been as complex and challenging. Operating threats come from all directions, and constantly. Staying ahead of changes in the operating environment requires knowing what is around each corner - whether it is a threat or an opportunity. The Watch team sifts through the mountains of geopolitical, economic, and environmental news stories bombarding us daily, separating out the relevant information from the noise. The Watch forecasts 18 months into the future with a carefully constructed set of models that maintain and average of 95% accuracy. It takes time to be ready for shifts in the operating environment – The Watch provides executives with that time, and an edge over competitors.

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