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Armada Corporate Intelligence has launched a continuous forecasting intelligence tool covering 70% of US GDP. Subscribe for a 60-day free trial and receive our monthly reports.

The Watch report is updated monthly, and the latest information that we have available shows some interesting differences between national forecasts on economic growth for 2024 and what the models are showing us.

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The Watch is a report that includes a set of predictive models covering more than 70% of US GDP. The capstone model is one that covers broad-based manufacturing overall, including both durable and nondurable manufacturing. Thus far, this model has performed well, coming in with 98.1% accuracy 3 months in advance and 98.6% accurate 6 months out.

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Over the past few decades, manufacturing jobs have been moving away from developed countries to countries with lower labor costs such as China, India, and Mexico. This offshoring trend has resulted in significant job losses and economic challenges for developed countries, particularly in the manufacturing sector.

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    There has never been a time when the business environment has been as complex and challenging. Operating threats come from all directions, and constantly. Staying ahead of changes in the operating environment requires knowing what is around each corner - whether it is a threat or an opportunity. The Watch team sifts through the mountains of geopolitical, economic, and environmental news stories bombarding us daily, separating out the relevant information from the noise. The Watch forecasts 18 months into the future with a carefully constructed set of models that maintain and average of 95% accuracy. It takes time to be ready for shifts in the operating environment – The Watch provides executives with that time, and an edge over competitors.

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